Samuel Kahn gets a thrill from negotiating a good deal, therefore venturing into the world of business was a given for him. From a young age, his entrepreneurial nature shone through selling watches in the school playground. Business has always been in every breath and fibre of Sam’s being. He truly believes that it was one of his main callings in life. Business, his family and his religion all play major roles in his success.

Sam thrives when he is talking to different people, whether it be clients, employees or business partners. He enjoys the unique, exciting and fun conversations and connections he is able to experience at this level. Like many business owners, he still feels nervous attending new meetings, with the outcome providing an element of mystery and excitement. He loves hitting the road in anticipation of what his workday has to offer. 

Sam has been lucky enough to work with some incredibly talented and inspiring people during his lengthy career. Many he has learnt life long lessons from that he hopes to teach others. Others have positively impacted his journey in the world of business and have led him to ultimate success. He has learnt that everyone can provide valuable lessons but it is important to listen to what is being put in front of you. 

He understands the importance of helping others less fortunate than himself and has helped many people in business move forward through financial support and guidance. It has always been a goal of Sam’s to help others and watch people’s lives transform. Providing opportunities is one of his favourite things about running a business and is a great driving force for him. 

Sam thinks that there is nothing better than watching people move forward in both their lives and business. Even with the struggles that business owners face, he has seen many continue through and make it work. He has not only relished in his own business pursuits but has loved being part of other entrepreneurs journeys as well. 

When it comes to business everyone has their unique and individual ‘why’. Some may be after flexibility or increased freedom, whilst others like Sam may have a passion for helping others reach their full potential. To learn more about Samuel Nathan Kahn and why business runs through his veins, visit his website.

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