Samuel Kahn, who resides in Manchester, England, operates a claims management company. He has a great level of care for his local community. He has made a positive impact in many people’s lives from financial help to business opportunities to general guidance.. 

He is also well known for assisting disadvantaged families within his community. Here is an insight into Samuel Kahn’s fulfilling career as a claims adjustor. 

His Purpose 

Samuel Kahn grew up within a business minded family. Morning, noon and night, there were talks about business in his household. When he was 13 he initiated his first business selling watches and other trinkets to friends at school. Being a trader was in his blood from the beginning and he jumped on every trend possible to earn some extra cash. 

Staying Productive

Samuel Kahn writes a daily to do list and the items that don’t get finished one day get transferred to the next. It may seem old fashioned but it works for him. He also utilises a Google diary with a handy alert system, steering clear of smartphones which he deems as a distraction. This gives him an extra two hours during the day where he can make the most of his productivity. 

He is awake by 6am each morning and doesn’t wind down until late into the evening. With back to back meetings, educational sessions and study each day, motivation and productivity is essential. Samuel Kahn prides himself as both a workaholic and family-holic, who still makes time to go to the synagogue multiple times a day. 

Bringing His Ideas To Life

Always happy to invest in his ideas, Samuel Kahn believes in test, test, test and test again. A turning point in his life was when he read ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ by Mr. Ferriss. As a result of reading the bestseller he no longer has meetings for meetings sake. He doesn’t need an audience to appease his ego. 

He is now more selective of how he makes use of his time. Having agendas ready to go before he conducts a meeting, preparing points of action for afterwards and proactively booking in follow-up m

meetings. All of these things working together have the potential to lead to significant achievements.

His Business Growth Strategy

As an entrepreneur Samuel Kahn has always played fair even if it has cost him money. He puts himself in the shoes of others to try and understand how they would feel. He often reflects on a quote from Pretty Woman where Richard Gere said “let’s go build ships” instead of tearing down the company and taking their assets. More often than not you are able to build instead of destroy, you just need the determination to do it. 

Living by the key learnings, work hard, play hard, give hard, Samuel Kahn is a business owner that many within his community look up to. From constantly sharing his purpose to staying productive and actively bringing his ideas to life. His business growth strategy is a unique and successful one. The insight into Samuel Kahn’s career as a claims adjustor is an inspiring one. 

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