Samuel Nathan Kahn on How To Set Attainable Business Goals

Samuel Nathan Kahn is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of trying to set attainable goals. Goals are an incredibly important part of running a successful business, and they can help you take control of the direction your business is headed.  Sam Kahn runs a claims management company in Manchester, UK, and uses goals […]

Sam Kahn on Why Attention to Detail is Important

Working as a professional regulated claims adjustor in Manchester, UK, Sam Kahn understands better than anyone why attention to detail is important. Attention to detail can help you produce the best work possible, while also helping you avoid disastrous errors.  What is attention to detail? Attention to detail refers to a person’s thoroughness in accomplishing […]

Sam Kahn on Making Time For Family as a Business Owner

Sam Kahn is incredibly family and community oriented. He currently lives in Manchester, UK, and is well known in his area as a loving husband and a father of 10.  He also owns and operates a claims management company. Combine that with trying to raise a family, and you have a lot on your plate.  […]