Sam Kahn owns and operates a regulated claims management business, Claiming4U, in Manchester UK. Sam Kahn states, “I’ve become quite an expert in this area over the last ten years and have grown a very successful business.”

Customers have a variety of wants, including convenience, value, situational relevance and more. If you can’t keep up with these needs, your customer base will suffer. “The more you have, the less you feel.” This is true for both people and businesses. In order to keep up with your customers’ ever-growing needs and demands, it’s important to find ways to streamline your process. 

Sam Khan shares a few techniques to keep your customer happy. 

“It’s not enough to simply offer a quality product or service. You also need to let people know about it. In other words, you need marketing.” states Samuel Nathan Kahn.

Marketing is the process of creating a market for your product and services in order to grow your business. Marketing helps you identify and create new customers, and promote products and services.

Sam Kahn says you cannot downplay the importance of the impact of customer feedback on one’s business. With so many companies using social media to interact with customers, it is important to deliver a good service and keep customers happy. 

Companies should go through comments, reviews, and feedback with the intention of tweaking what they’re doing right and improving what they’re doing wrong.

By increasing your credibility, you can create more value for yourself in terms of price and increase your customer base as well as keep them happy.

The first step is to survey your customer base and find out what their needs are. Satisfied customers often know exactly what they want and it can serve as a guide for generating new content. 

The next step is to listen to your company’s employees because they are in contact with customers every day. They can be a great source of information on what needs need served as well as warning signs that something might be wrong. Lastly, we should always remember what our mission statement is and that is “to make people smile.”

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