Samuel Nathan Kahn understands the importance of having a generous heart and giving to those who need it. When it comes to being charitable he thinks that a good mixture of time and money is beneficial. He doesn’t believe that either one outweighs the other. 

According to Sam, time is the largest gift that you could give an individual because that is something that you are unable to get back. To give someone your time is giving them the care and understanding that they need. 

With that said, providing someone with financial charity is also a major thing as it allows people the potential to grow. It can also save people from situations that they may have fallen victim to. Sam thinks that everyone that has the means or time to, should give to charity in whichever way that they feel comfortable doing so. 

Sam Kahn has assisted many people, especially those in business or budding entrepreneurs to move forward through financial support and guidance. To watch someone grow or their life transform, because of what has been given to them by people that are more fortunate, is incredible. Providing people with opportunities is one of Sam’s favourite charitable activities to take part in. 

There are many individuals who can grow and prosper but just need that lucky ‘break’ and a chance to succeed. Sam seeks out the potential in people in hopes to be able to support them in their journey. For Sam, there is nothing better than watching someone move forward. 

An example of this was when a religious man moved to Hong Kong to grow the community there. Sam would visit him when he was in Hong Kong on business trips. The man started with absolutely nothing and Sam supported him to build the community to the level that it is now. He provided him with a charity in the early stages to help him and it was amazing to see him grow it exponentially. Even through struggles, the man made it work, with the assistance of Sam Kahn. 
To find out more ways that Samuel Nathan Kahn assists his local community and beyond visit his website.

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