For Samuel Kahn religion actively teaches him to have faith and a belief in something that he can not see. Over the years it has taught him the art of patience and understanding. Taking part in religious activities gives Sam the belief that he is being looked after and protected. These are all aspects and qualities that he is then able to translate into his career as a successful business owner. Here is how religion has influenced the way that Samuel Kahn runs his business.

Having faith and trust has assisted Sam to make the right decisions within his business and has always reminded him to give back just as much as he has received himself. His religion is a consistent reminder that giving to those less fortunate is truly important. 

Each and every day Sam reflects on his daily actions through both morning and evening prayers. This is a time where he is able to identify the areas of his life and business where there is room for improvement and growth. A time that teaches him ongoing lessons through learning the Torah. His religion assists with the identification of new viewpoints, which provides plenty of food for thought. All of which helps Samuel Kahn to develop his business with innovative and unique ideas. 

One of Sam’s hobbies is learning new things, which he is able to do through religious learning as well as within his career. He takes part in a lot of religious learning and open debates on a number of different religious topics. He always finds it intriguing and fun to engage in new viewpoints and seeing things from different perspectives.

Knowing the importance of giving back to his team members, Samuel Kahn enjoys taking the opportunity to motivate his team through incentives where possible. One of the best strategies he implements regularly is holding competitions and providing incentives to reward initiative and hard work. After all, everyone likes the opportunity to be extrinsically rewarded and Sam finds this one of the best ways that he is able to give back to his team. 

Samuel Kahn has integrated his religion into every aspect of his life, including his business. The values that he lives by, such as faith, trust and discipline, have all led to Sam running a highly successful business. He has the patience, persistence and faith to achieve everything that he desires within his career. Religion and business are closely interlinked for Sam and will continue to influence each and every part of his personal and professional journey. To discover more about Samuel Nathan Kahn’s life achievements visit his website here

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